What to do when your cards sell on shop cloned debit cards?

By cloning your card, the information contained in the magnetic stripe is extracted and copied to another card to commit illicit acts. This way criminals withdraw money and pay bills at your expense, as if you had done it.

Remember that it is better to be safe than sorry, so never forget to lose sight of your card, cover your key when typing it, and check that the cashier does not have foreign objects. Carders can clone your cards and sell them on shop cloned debit cards.

Always be aware of the information on your statements and in case of inconsistencies contact your bank, remember also that banks allow you to register your mobile number so that by this means they communicate each withdrawal and payment you make. Shop cloned debit cards many people know that here they sell a lot of cards that were previously cloned

What to do if your card is cloned?

1. If unfortunately you realize that your credit or debit card has been cloned, the first thing you should do is contact the customer service line of your bank and request immediate blocking.

2. After you have made the call, you must write a letter with very detailed information of what happened, to deliver it to the nearest branch.

3. The sooner you report the fraud and attach evidence to prove cloning, the bank will proceed to conduct an investigation and will surely return the resources after a while, if it is proven that you followed all the established security protocols.

You must enter to prove mainly that the card was in your possession, that the withdrawals and payments -product of cloning- were made in places and times where you were not. It is possible that some banks may additionally request a report to the competent authorities in order to prosecute the crime. If you notice the cloning in your extract or receive a message notifying you of a consumption for purchases that I do not make, do not lose your cool; contact your bank, they will initiate an investigation and will not make charges until they know the results. You do not know how carders clone and will sell your cards on shop cloned debit cards

In some cases the information you provide to the banks will be sufficient to prove the crime, in others the bank will do investigations and go deep enough to clarify the facts when they clone your card.

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