Black Market of dark internet– how do children buy drugs online?

Our children purchase drugs through the World Wide Web, so parents must know what a darknet that brings death is. Everyone uses the Internet, he searches for information there, puts likes, leaves posts and communicates with friends. It is worth listening to the speech of your child and think seriously, having heard the terms "darkweb", "deepweb", "dark", before it is too late.

What is a darknet? Why can't it be banned?

The darknet is the dark side of the Internet, which can be penetrated only through a special browser, and all actions in it are anonymous. This Internet is not found by ordinary users, links to its resources are not opened. Moreover, there is no censorship and prohibitions, restrictions and laws, so you can buy and sell everything from a minor prostitute to a narcotic substance.

Through the dark web, Snowden realized US secrets to journalists from the well-known publication New Yorker. Only there you can buy drugs with impunity, the most interesting thing is that this shadow network is located a couple of steps from the electronic and children's cartoons.

To access the shadow Internet using a home PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet, it is enough to install the Tor server and the Tor Browser. If there is a similar program on the device, then the child knows that drugs can be purchased there.

The governments of world states are trying to constantly ban the shadow Internet, but so far this has been done only in North Korea. According to the International Anti-Drug Association, in USA most black markets are banned, but on the Internet of this type there are constantly up to two hundred thousand people who are looking for drugs.

Any talk about the prohibition of the "dark" only provokes increased interest in it. Nowadays, police officers often register on such an Internet to catch inexperienced drug addicts, but this does not give the desired result.

How to buy "prohibited substances" on the darknet?

We warn that the child can purchase prohibited drugs without leaving the limits of the nursery. Sites of drug dealers work like standard online stores, because they really add goods to the cart, read customer reviews, choose the necessary method of delivery and make payment online.

On the sites, caring managers select goods around the clock, make discounts for regular customers, tell you how to buy drugs for free. Everyone who got into the rehabilitation center, drug addicts say that you can pay for prohibited goods with the help of an anonymous crypto currency Bitcoin, which is really bought through terminals.

Of course, no one will bring drugs to the house, so the drugs are transferred through the treasure, which is hidden long before implementation. After paying for the order, the seller gives the coordinates of the treasure, and the customer goes to pick up the drug.

Now it is even more convenient to pick up the bookmark, because after payment, the coordinates of the nearest bookmark come to the gadget. The worst thing is that a child can get a drug in the auditorium of the institute or park, collecting acorns for crafts. Modern inexpensive synthetic drugs, according to MMA experts, can destroy a person in a couple of years, so there is no time to look for channels for obtaining the drug.

How to protect your child from the darknet?

Of course, it is impossible to completely protect the child from falling into the forbidden zone, but it can be explained to him that such an acquaintance will lead either to a rehabilitation center or to a cemetery. Getting into a forbidden place can be limited by:

  • install a special antivirus with Toru blocking, after including the program in the list of prohibited;
  • Set a DNS filter that will immediately move the child to the page with the error;
  • restrict access through the Internet censorship plugin.

Be sure to take care of setting restrictions on the router, and on the gadgets of the child, although there are no guarantees that another device will not be used to enter the darknet. Everyone knows how to access the dark Internet through a smartphone or tablet, and in the Appstore there is a mobile version of the browser "Tor". To prevent access to the darknet using a mobile phone, you need to configure the "Parental Control" option.

Of course, the illegal business on the darknet is not going anywhere, because a child who hides bookmarks can earn as much as his mom and dad in 6 months. A boy who grows cannabis can get rich for several months, and a girl who draws a drug advertisement on the asphalt with chalk gets more than her teacher.

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