Scam list tor network or welcome to the real and dark Internet

In this material, we will analyze what toR is, how to use it, how it differs from working with a regular browser and learn how to get into the darknet.

Before dealing with TOP and anonymity on the Internet, let's understand how to work in the "white" mode. And to make it easier to understand, we will use examples from life.

In the browser Thor or rather in the Darknet there are a lot of links of sites and markets that sell and contain hidden and forbidden content. Sometimes it happens that people deceive others and there they place fake offers that are not valid and if someone decides to buy it, he will be deceived. Such sites are called scam projects. There are also sites that are called scam list tor on these sites publish sites that deceive people.

Imagine that you decide to go to an art gallery to see the masterpieces of world painting, but do not know where the gallery itself is. You go to the reference desk, which gives out the addresses of the galleries, then go to the box office of the gallery of your chosen, buy a ticket and then go and see the paintings. Everything seems to be fine, doesn't it? But the information that you were looking for exhibitions of paintings remained in the reference room, and the description of you as a visitor remained at the box office. And now, if you did not behave quite correctly at the exhibition and violated the rules, then you will not be allowed there anymore.

So what to do? This situation has at least three solutions:
•no longer go there, because the city and the world are still full of exhibitions. We are not satisfied with this, because we want to look at the paintings.
•use a service called anonymizer,
•use a proxy. Yes, there are already unfamiliar terms, let's understand what it is.

What is TOP?

A TOP is a chain of proxies from you to the final address, connected by an encrypted connection. The main purpose of such a chain is to provide your incognito. Incognito is provided by a long chain from you to the address, thanks to which it is impossible to establish the true identity of the visitor. If we return to our situation, in which you are not allowed into the museum, it will be as follows: a new person turns to the ticket office every time and each time he is from different cities and countries. The gallery can, of course, try to identify the visitor, but his return address will be his last proxy and no more. In this way, your true identity will not be revealed.

How do I get started on the tor network?

If everything is simple with the anonymizer - you need to go to the anonymizer's website and start using, then in the case of the torus everything is a little different. You can independently configure the entire set of programs, but this task is not only time-consuming, it is also unsolvable without the appropriate knowledge and skills. You can do much easier and more effectively - download an already configured solution - Tor-browser.After downloading the current version and installing it, you have an icon on your desktop,  which runs a browser configured according to all the rules of security and anonymity with which you can anonymously visit all sites on the Internet and no one will recognize you.  Scam list tor: it may, to everyone that these sites help the attackers who have decided to buy and do something bad. This is a little so and is with the help of these sites buyers know in advance which site will deceive them and do not buy anything from them.

How to work in the network tor?

Now that we're in the tors, we need to understand what's there. Darknet, and the tor network is exactly the notorious darknet, the place is quite harsh. And there are no search services on the darknet. It's like comparing a fashionable office. In the office, everything is official and everyone is presented to each other, and in the tavern everything is only on the recommendation or secret lists. On the white Internet, we have Google and Yandex, there are recommendation services and voice assistants, but there is nothing like that in the torah. On the site of the darknet you can get only knowing its link and then from the link it is impossible to understand what awaits you on  the site, If you drive into Google scam list tor then you can find a lot of sites that really help buyers with choosing the right site for shopping on the Dark Web.

The only thing you can see is that the link ends in .onion is a sign that the link is for the browser.

But back to the darknet search topic. As mentioned above - there are no search engines and there are several ways to get to the desired site:

•knowing the direct link
•using the site-catalog

Sites directories are a kind of address books of sites. On the darknet, they got the name hidden wiki  is in a kind of scam sheet tor and they are  directories, broken down into categories into the most demanding tastes, from dating to trading everything and everything. Traveling through such sites, always keep in mind that the darknet is a harsh, even fierce place, inhabited by scammers of all stripes. Yes, there is a kind of code, but it is more recommendatory than mandatory status and is valid for an exceptionally narrow circle of people. And basically everything here is aimed at profiting from you. This is the Dark Forest of the Internet, but sometimes there are truly fabulous treasures. Here is the crazy wild freedom. There is a spirit of adventurism and adventure. Yes, dragons and ancient monsters live here. It is full of bandits of all stripes, but at the same time there are taverns where you can meet a variety of interlocutors from all over the world. Take the time, read our articles on safety recommendations and the harsh land will become for you, if not your home, then not such a frightening place. Take back a free Internet, open the boundaries of communication.

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