Manual: What is carding, carding forum how carders steal card data

Everyone who reads batteries that are already warned of how this method works

Although it seems unbelievable there is a lot of people who fall into this game and give all the data they request without any inconvenience.

To verify if the card is useful you can make a call to the bank where the card belongs we pretend as owners of the card indicating that we wanted to make a purchase and our card was rejected to verify if they talk to the owner of the card they will ask to verify some data they will ask simple questions such as what is the card number, verification number this is no longer a problem for us since we have all the information we got before by posing as employees of the entity that issues the card. Through the carding forum, a completely different product may come to the place of the ordered.

The information we get here is fundamental since we will be able to know if the card is main or is an additional if it is for national or world use as it is the quota that it has, etc.

The purchases that carders usually make are through the Internet or by telephone not of very high amounts so that confirmation is not requested from the owner of the card and so as not to raise suspicions

The carder is very careful can not go screaming to the world his exploits because he is a thief he is stealing, if he makes an order for an item he can not ask for another and another item to the same address has to go rotating places.

Generally if the order is in the post office the anger when there is no one if there were many people will prefer not to risk and not even get closer to the place since it could be dangerous for the

A carder never asks for something giant will not buy a car to be brought by DHL or anything extremely expensive (an 18 carat gold necklace) nor something very cheap but it would be good to buy a palm latest model that is a good carder. If you ordered something through the carding forum, you need to be careful.

The problem that could arise is that the carder every time wants to buy something more and does not stop becomes more addicted by the risk and because he is buying good things but does not realize that maybe he has it signed and soon the police will make a visit

The places of delivery of your orders:


But if you can do it randomly by choosing someone from the phone book of course that is not so far from your house that if you need to speak very well to explain to someone because something of yours came to them in their house you must be good at dealing with people and not get nervous.
The house of a friend about to change house to help you with this favor before leaving difficult this way but it can happen. You can be deceived into carding forum.

Asking to be sent to a condo address usually leaves it to the guard since they assume that he knows all the people in the condominium and for safety the person who leaves the correspondence will not let it pass because they are "Orders from the Administrator and who will be the only person who will be going to ask for the package?? Exactly the carder. Some carding forums are already terminating their activities.

Well these are one of the many ways in which you can receive your purchases surely you will come up with many more.

6.- Trashing

I think it is an interesting topic and that you do not see it regularly here I explain what it is about although among the ideas that I indicate before I already mention it.

It is about looking for and removing the garbage of the victim that you are looking for, that is, trying to find statements, payment cuts, receipts, etc.

That is why a healthy advice when you throw something important break it and throw it if possible doing it band-aids maybe think this guy this half crazy but I knew of someone who burned his papers once a week who is the crazy he or I??

7.- The Real Danger

Now with all the technology at our disposal many things can be done, this is what carders use they need to know how to program and two very important guests.


PHP.- Web programming language
MySQL.- Database works excellent with PHP

What do they do?

They take a couple of hours programming a site to sell items can be of any kind sports, technological, etc.

With extremely affordable prices and with products of excellent quality the victim is excited about this real gamga when he is going to acquire a product comes the payment method which is by credit card.

The victim enters his card, names, verification number all the necessary data after this the carder already has everything he needs is simply to send an e-mail or make a call apologizing and notifying that the transaction was not made because he did not have the item in stock or simply the moment he supposedly makes the purchase he is shown an error message that says something similar to this:
The victim will think that nothing happened but our database has already become a little fatter and with totally real data and ready to use. For some moments you won't even have a chance not to be deceived some carding forums do their job very professionally

8.- Tools

There are programs that help us generate valid card numbers this now time to carders

These tools are:


It gives you other data of verifiable people, interesting for those who have no ability to invent personalities.

For those programs that do not give you the expiration date, it only remains to do it manually, trying the best brute forcing style.


In case you want to see valid credit card numbers as an example, see the CCards program.exe that generates these numbers in a simple and fast way

This complete program allows you to perform a large number of actions for carding, generates numbers helps you seeing if the verification digit is correct and if it is not so do not worry there generates another the important thing is that all the data are correct


It is a very powerful program similar to the Credit Card Master although it has a graphical interface and has some other utilities such as generating false identities that as we were seeing can be very useful.

Well I hope that all the explanation of the manual is clear and that it helps you to know the carding more thoroughly.
Never forget that this is totally illegal and that if you do not want to get into trouble do not put it into practice luck to all.

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