How to get darknet links with your Android and IOS devices easily

Instructions on how to get into the darknet using Android, IOS and PC. In addition to the instructions, there will also be a small directory of Darknet sites. But first, a little introduction. Many people who make a video about the darknet, or write articles on this topic for clickbait, inflate the darknet links, presenting it to people as some incredibly dangerous and unexplored space, and therefore the process of entering the Darknet is presented as a similarly complex test, for which some skills are required. But in fact, everything is extremely simple and no special skills are required for this, as you will see thanks to this article. I will show you how to get into the darknet using android and computer, as well as briefly mention iOS. At the end there will be a paragraph in which I will analyze some questions about the darknet and give an answer to them.

How to get darknet links using a PC

1. First you need to download TOR browser. I recommend you download it from the official website,as third-party sites may have a version with built-in programs for espionage, bitcoin miners or something else.

2. Install it and run it.

3. Now you need to find darknet links. A small list of sites will be below, and also in the same paragraph I will talk about how to search for these very sites.

How to get to darknet links using Android

1. Download and wait for Orbot to be installed in the Play Market.

2. Download some anonymous browser, I recommend DuckDuckGo,from the creators of the eponymous search engine. This browser has proven itself well and I also use it.

3. Configure Orbot. First, you need to establish some European country. I recommend Germany, Sweden or Austria. It is undesirable to install Japan and another country far from us because of the possible low speed. I do not advise you to install Romania, and it makes no sense to install it for the sake of speed. Not the fact that it will be faster, and perhaps vice versa - it will be slower. Secondly, you need to select the applications that should use Orbot. At a minimum, you need to choose the browser you will use.

4. And of course you need to find sites. A small list of sites will be below, and also in the same paragraph I will talk about how to search for these very darknet links.

How to get to darknet links using IOS

Actions in this item should be approximately equal to android, but I do not have IOS and I will not be able to show you. I will not download any emulators either, so I advise you to study the instructions for the android and act on it. And then move on to the next point with Onion sites. I did not find Orbot on iOS, only some nouneim browsers, you can try to use them. But be careful with them, if there is little that can be there.

A selection of darknet sites | How to search for Onion sites

There will be no trading platforms here, as I do not welcome the poison trade and do not want to recommend the relevant sites. Although I think you know at least one of them without me.

And now about the search for darknet links. There are only two main ways. The first is to learn from someone, the second is the directories of  darknet links. It is very easy to find them, just enter in the search "tor sites", "directory of tor sites", or "hidden wiki". Hidden Wiki is a directory of darknet sites, it is in Tor, but there are analogues in the "white" Internet. I don't remember the link to the darknet version. There are enough directories with Darknet sites, so I think you will easily find something interesting for yourself.

Answers to questions about the darknet

And finally, answers to some questions about the darknet, as I said at the beginning.

Question: "Is it true that you can buy anything on the darknet , from weapons to any information?"
Answer: Yes, if it is available. And also taking into account some nuances. Firstly, no one is protected from the fact that he can be thrown, and secondly, that the police can make fake shops, or catch some honest seller and force him to cooperate with them. For example, many darknet gun stores are owned by police officers from different countries.

Question: "Can someone on the darknet get my data and then use it in any way?"
Answer: If you don't register anywhere and make any other kind of records, then no. And if you do, then only if you make any mistakes in anonymity and make yourself known, or if you give this information yourself. Whether it will be used in any way depends only on who owns this information.

Question: "How to maintain anonymity on the darknet?"
At a minimum, learn how to properly use programs to maintain anonymity and do not give out any information about yourself that will help you to work. It is also not recommended to make the same publications on the white Internet on your own behalf and then their own on the darknet. More detailed instructions can be found on the Internet.

Question: "Is it possible to create my own website on the darknet?"
Answer: Of course, you can even find instructions on how to create an onion domain.

Question: "How do the police find criminals on the darknet?"
In general, this is not the fault of Tor himself, he is quite anonymous, although there can be no complete anonymity. To do this, they use certain means, for example, SORM. Also, criminals could make any mistakes themselves, for example, accidentally entering without the included means for anonymity or any other mistakes.

This article is over, I hope I helped you learn how to get into the darknet using Android, IOS and PC.

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