How much buy credit card balance cost on the deep web?

How much buy credit card balance cost on the deep web?

You may not have known it, but a significant number of the smartphones that are stolen every day end up on the deep web. The Internet is an excellent place to communicate with users anywhere in the world, but illegal businesses cannot be kept on the "surface Internet" because, in a simple way, evildoers can be identified. However, the deep web is an excellent place to remain in complete anonymity, which leads to hundreds of web portals with illegal activities.

There are many 'stores' on the deep web that offer us all kinds of stolen items, although products related to technology and financial services predominate. We speak, therefore, of smartphones, tablets, credit cards. In addition to all these items, all kinds of drugs, weapons and forged or stolen documentation from all countries of the world are also available.

How much does a buy credit card balance cost on the deep web?

All these buy credit card balance that are sold, as is evident, are stolen. They are available from as little as $ 5 and up to $ 50, something that depends on several factors. For the sale price, the available balance in the account is taken into account, the information offered in addition to the card number and the CVV2, and where the customer is making this illegal purchase.

But not only credit cards are sold, but we can also easily find to credit card balance accounts, such as buy credit card balance. With respect to these, they are also delivered with all the necessary data to make purchases with them, and their price ranges between 20 and 300 dollars. For these accounts, Credit card and the like, the price also depends on the available balance. Specifically, in a table we can see that they cost between 20 and 50 dollars the accounts with up to 1,000 dollars of balance, between 40 and 60 with up to 2,500 dollars, between 120 and 200 up to 5,000 dollars and a maximum of 300 dollars if you have up to 8,000 dollars of available balance

This type of illegal market is being fought by the competent authorities, as we could already see with Silk Road. However, the truth is that the 'architecture' of the deep web makes it very difficult to know who is behind this illegal sale and illegal buy credit card balance, as well as the theft of the credit cards themselves that are traded on the 'deep Internet'.

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