"Deep web": Dark web Directory for searching darknet links on Tor browser

Although it seems like something out of a Star Wars movie, there is a side of the Internet that most people do not know, a dark side, what is known as "Deep Web" or Deep Internet. This part of the network refers to endless content that none of us would have access to through a common browser or search engine.

We handle the surface, where all kinds of information is available to any user and there is also indexed content – search engines find the content and make it available to them as a search result – that is available to anyone who enters.

However, the "Deep Web" goes further; to have access to it you must have a different browser than the one that all Internet users already know. This thing it does is that you browse anonymously through the "Deep Web" so that there is no opportunity to track your address. It is even estimated that 95% of all the information handled by the Internet is there, in the Deep Internet.

"Not everything is within Google's reach, it can't review everything – although many people think it is. That type of information is called "Deep Web" (...) it is like a gigantic sea, where search engines throw away a network and that comes with a lot of information, but another lot stays at the bottom of the sea, "said the specialist in digital marketing and search engines, Victor

In addition to the appointing addresses (URLs) of the pages are not as we know them and being different you should look for a Dark web Directory that houses thousands of URLs that no one is supposed to have access to for greater security reasons, so those who manage to browse this type of web can find from black markets of weapons and pornography, videos of torture or arms sales to databases to create fake credit cards.

Darkweb had access to such a Dark web Directory, where we found sites like "Credit cards for everyone. There may be many fake sites but this is the original", "Anonymous marketplace for all kinds of drugs", "Service to get your US citizenship" and "Buy hacked PayPal accounts, Great prices!".

In terms of computer security this is the best way to keep information out of everyone's reach, however, it also brings with it a negative side that involves the fact that normal search engines and browsers have a struggle to track as much data and be accessible to all users.

"More and more one has to know technical issues to be able to save information and that it is accessed by browsers (...) Companies spend thousands of dollars to have people protect you documents even though sometimes they think they have things that are protected end up being available," Solano said.

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