Carding is evil, carding forum list how the carders earn on hamsters?

Greetings, friends! Today we will talk about such a well-known phenomenon in the niche of earnings on the Internet as carding. This direction received special importance with the development of the monetary system, namely with the popularization of electronic money.

I will conduct all further narration in the first person (for convenience), however, I myself am not involved in this kind of activity, and I will only tell you about it from the words of my friend, who to this day revolves in the field of cybercrime. He kindly agreed to share with you some of the best practices and thoughts related to carding. There are also carding forum list where people publish sites that deceive people.

From the article, you will learn about how carder training really works, what you may encounter on carding forums, as well as what bays are on sim without prepayment, and how this niche works in 2021.

Just want to say that this article is purely introductory in nature. Forewarned means armed! In no case do I set myself the goal of encouraging you to action or interested so much that you want to plunge into the world of carding, and therefore I will not touch on the details of this or that "case", but in general terms, you will undoubtedly get quite comprehensive information.

How are hammocks bred?

How to breed beginners in carding and who need to check carding forum list

I think you've guessed by the word "hamsters" I mean newcomers to carding. These are the people who rush to the first seller they come across and buy from him a "scheme" for earnings or a dozen invalid credit cards. It is very easy to recognize a hamster, and to breed it for money is generally a cute thing.

For example, on public forums and then pop up ads for the sale of carg equipment. However, think for yourself, who in their right mind will sell you a MacBook even for 50% of the cost, if it can be sold for 90%? And hamsters are led and throw their honestly earned money at the plant, in the hope of reselling this technique on the web site. In order not to be found on such nonsense, there are carding forum list.

We're going to put a couple of these sites here and add them to our pack sheet. or point to specific personalities, but only warn you that the divorce of hamsters has long been a stable and profitable business that thrives on the newly arriving masses of undercarders. As Sergei Panteleevich Mavrodi said: "the loch is not a mammoth - the loch will not die out."

And indeed, divorce in carding is so ingrained that it began to practice directly the hamsters themselves. They sell everything: services for drawing documents and ringing, dedicated servers, Google Voys numbers, credit cards, accounts in payment systems and much more.

Therefore, coming to carding today you are 99% likely to stumble upon a breeder, however, if you can recognize it in time, then your money will remain safe.

Do not be confused by such things as customer reviews or a well-designed seller's site, because now every non-crooked user of the network can hastily crypt a site for himself, catch up with comments there and cut the bubble. Therefore, once again re-read how to approach the choice of sellers and you definitely will not fall for the hook.

Our carding forum list will help you not to become a whammy. Search it on our site, in another articles!

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